VIADA Baltija

A fast-growing fuel retail chain operator, with 75 service stations already in Latvia
The introduction and increased awareness of VIADA brand in the Latvian market, sales of fuel, foods and drinks at service stations, and strengthening the loyalty of regular customers.
What we delivered
Creative idea, event planning, media planning, execution


Rebranding of old LUKOIL brand to the new VIADA through original concept and 3600 marketing and promotional support. Brand awareness and product sale campaigns took place both online and off-line, integrating TV sponsorship and brand placement, smart outdoor advertising, and a massive online presence with various ads and branding solutions. 


The high reach of the campaign among target audiences resulted in a significant increase in sales and VIADA becoming one of three leading top-of-the-mind fuel retail brands in Latvia. Customers demonstrated a high social media engagement rate and the client provided one of the most positive feedbacks in our history.