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LG Mobile Application
The main task was to express the fact that the LG Optimus G smartphone is not just a phone – it is a VIP pass to enter the world with no boundaries. Can you imagine a world where your phone gives you the opportunity to enjoy life at new levels of greatness? How would you like to be the first to watch the latest movies, get the best places on the treadmill at the gym, drive the best taxis, get the most amazing morning coffee, and many more without spending any money at all?
In order to gain interest and attention and to provide Optimus G users with special bonuses, we developed special mobile loyalty program. It contains a mobile loyalty system – unique coupons for unlocking the G Community special offers, which are visible only for Optimus G users.
The app contains a special coupon administration service in order to manage all the coupon use in real time.

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Creative Director: Gatis Rozenfelds
Art Director: Krists Zankovskis
Copywriter: Krisjanis Papins
Project Supervisor: Inese Vanaga
Digital Project Manager: Olga Mežale
Programmer: Kaspars Celmalnieks | Kaspars Bondars
Production company: Alpha Baltic
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