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Ekselence 2013
Food Union
1. Reach target audience with message that Ekselence ice cream is best dessert from Chefs.
2. Keep sales in last year's level and do not loose auditory due to price increase and packaging change. Strenghtening loyality.
3. Penetration in market - make people choose Ekselence ice cream instead of it competitors. It is the only one ice cream in Latvia, made with help of professional confectioners.
1. TVC and Outdoor - for mass audience and information about product. 
2. BTL – to involve people.

1. GFK research shows that main message from Ekselence communication is products high quality and that it looks delicious.
2. With help of advertisement campaign we not only keep our auditory, but also were able to increase sales by 43%. GFK research shows that 83% of people would buy Ekselence ice cream also in future.
3. Ekselence brand is in leader position by brand awareness.

Ekselence is not just another ice-cream. It is truly luxurious, made from pure milk and cream with all-natural ingredients to deliver outstanding gastronomical pleasure of taste. It is positioned as a piece of art created in passion for perfection. The ultimate visual symbol of the brand legend is a chef cook -- connoisseur and master of kitchen arts. Actually we have even three of them, the scientists of ideal taste, since ice-cream Ekselence comes in three flavours. This is not an ice-cream from anonimous factory, it is created not produced, it not for anybody, this Your Excellency is for You.
Advertising Agency: Alpha Baltic
Creative Director: Gatis Rozenfelds
Art Director: Krists Zankovskis
Copywriter: Uvis Leskavnieks 
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