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The magic of Colour, Sound and Love
Leading Latvias sweets manufacturer Laima participated in Light Festival STARO RIGA with its interactive project called - The Magic of Colour, Sound and Love.
Visitors could make music just by virtually touching the LAIMA sign elements which everyone has its own sound. This project was a marvellous combination of art, high technology and human intelligence, where everyone could make a unique sound of music. Confectionery brand Laima participated in Light festival - Staro Riga - giving the opportunity for everybody to greet their fellows during the state holiday with the help of an interactive light installation and internet. The annual festival assembles different organizations, each having its own projects throughout the capital with a common target to light up the city during the darkest time of the year, to celebrate the anniversary of Latvia and to communicate the integrated message for a large number of people. Laima participated to strengthen it's image. The aim was to attract the audience to the core value of the brand: love and to add a statehood dimension in the context of the project. The object was the unification of the ethnography and the modern technologies. The visitors in the Old Riga - near the Gunpowder Tower - were able to gesticulate with hands on a huge screen thus remotely moving the elements placed on a background of the state flag. Each element had its own sound so the hands created unique music. The powerful words Latvia, Love, Laima were worked into the sign. The visual origin of the sign is taken from the design of the ethnographic ornament, thus expressing the historical connection. Promotion received the support of an integrated internet communication: the virtual version of the installation was made for the social media; a person, having a computer with a webcam, could try ones hand in music composing. In order to ensure the feedback, each had an opportunity to type a greeting text to publish it online - together with other greetings in the well-known internet news portal In total, more than 600 warm-hearted greetings were published during the festival, and at least 25 000 people visited the object.
Advertising Agency: Alpha Baltic
Creative Director: Gatis Rozenfelds
Art Director: Krists Zankovskis
Director of photography: Uvis Leskavnieks
Copywriter: Krisjanis Papins | Uvis Leskavnieks
Programmer: Kaspars Celmalnieks | Kaspars Bondars
Production company: Alpha Baltic
Music: Krists Zankovskis
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