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Latvian Maximalists 2015
MAXIMA is a retail chain operating in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Bulgaria and Poland. As a part of their yearly CSR activities, Maxima organize a scholarship competition Latvijas Maksimālisti (Latvian Maximalists) for talented and ambitious youngsters. As long as the competition lasts, Alpha Baltic has been the main organizer of it and year 2015 wasn’t an exception. In the new season the competition needed a strong continuation, where the main concept would be kept whilst adding some amendments in competition in order to attract new contestants. One of the main challenges of year 2015 was to attract younger audience and keep the creative concept bold, simple and easy to understand at any age.
Alpha Baltic created a new visual identity of the competition, addressed younger, unusual ambassadors and created modern, bold and inviting visual materials (TVC, OOH, WEB). Alpha Baltic created a separate TVC for each of the ambassador of the competition: singer Aminata Savodogo, physicist Valdis Zuters , sport Journalist Viktorija Kamaza, Ghetto Games leader Raimonds Elbakjans and movie director Andris Gauja.
Creative: Mārtiņš Kozlovskis
Art direction: Liene Felsberga
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