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Ferratum Image Campaign
The fast loan market in Latvia is tough. Competition flourishes, state institutions tightens the rules and the wide range of choice confuses consumers. Despite these conditions, our task was to create a 30" TVc for our long-term partner "Ferratum" that would represent it's credibility and brighten the image of the company.
The work for Ferratum is always a bit challenging, because we must take into consideration not only our partner's thoughts of the creative idea but also think about its compliance with the law. As a result visually strong and emotionally appealing video was created that grabs attention and vividly tells a story about a boy and his childhood dream to become a pilot. The voice says: "Happiness doesn't lie in money, however smart decisions helps to accomplish the intended". The slogan: "Ferratum - more than money" itself communicates that there are more qualities of the company than simply lending a money. Our choice was to make it as clear as possible by showing how smart decisions today lead to a better tomorrow.
Advertising Agency: Alpha Baltic
Creative Director: Martins Kozlovskis
Art Director: Krists Zankovskis
Account Manager: Linda Levensteine
Copywriter: Veronika Viluma
Production company: Porta group
Producer : Dace Mone
Director : Gerri Pavloff
Direcor of photography : Kaspars Cirsis
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