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Cheese digitally!
Alpha Baltic
To create digital and challenging greeting card for summer solstice / midsummer festival that would reflect the creative spirit of our agency and at the same time engage people in competition.

When people celebrate summer solstice they drink beer, jump over bonfire, sing ethnic songs but most importantly — they eat cheese. Since ancient times round and yellow cheese is considered to be the symbol of the Sun, and since midsummer solstice is all about the Sun — it is understandable that cheese in the form of Sun is the most important thing of this event.
When one thinks about it he comes to the conclusion that Sun is not only the source of light but it gives power to all living beings as well. So naturally what can be more important than to have a pieces of Sun i.e. cheese? And naturally again — one who gets more pieces of cheese has more Solar-power energy and thus can lead a winning life!
So we created a digital cheese eating competition where one can "eat" cheese by clicking spacebar and one who makes the most clicks in a given time — wins the game.
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Advertising Agency: Alpha Baltic
Creative Director: Gatis Rozenfelds
Art Director: Krists Zankovskis
Programmer: Kaspars Celmalnieks | Kaspars Bondars
Copywriter: Austra Jāvalde
Director of photography: Uvis Leskavnieks
Production company: Alpha Baltic
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