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ALPHA BALTIC since 1994: looking forward to the future

It has been 20 years since Lauris Špillers has founded the full service marketing and advertising agency ALPHA BALTIC. Today ALPHA BALTIC is the market leader and we can say out loud – clients trust, listen and respect us. One of the key of the ALPHA Baltic success is Lauris Špillers – the personality who inspires and strives for an excellence.  Since ALPHA BALTIC already celebrates its 20th anniversary it is the right moment for Lauris to share his business and life experience with a wider audience.

Radio SWH invited Lauris Špillers to participate in life style program “Ar dziesmu par dzīvi” (With a song along the life).  During the conversation lead by the program's presenter Pauls Timrots, Lauris introduced listeners to the history and importance of marketing and advertising throughout business and day to day life. Lauris is not only a businessman but also a cycling enthusiast who participates in the races himself and has founded the professional cycling team Alpha Baltic/Unitymarathons.com. Lauris Špillers shared with the radio listeners his story about cycling sport and his idea for a marathon movement which has resulted in high level sports events in the Baltics. This is how Lauris successfully promotes the idea of an active and healthy lifestyle. By the end of the program, Pauls Timrots acknowledged Lauris Špillers to be an example of the excellence in reaching high goals by being determined and one could say even stubborn. 

​Furthermore in December edition of “Playboy” magazine you can read an interview with Lauris Špillers on ALPHA BALTIC's 20 year experience, development and challenges of the advertisement field, as well as the cycling sport and successfully realized idea by Lauris – the high level sports events that promote healthy and active lifestyle in Latvia and the Baltics.
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