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Alpha Baltic becomes Google Certified Partner

As the largest full service marketing communication agency in Baltics, we are proud to announce that we have reached yet another goal. Our agency has become a Certified Google Agency Partner. This certification confirms the experience of our professionals and understanding of the Google advertising platform.
Speaking on the certification, Edgars Caune, the head of digital development, said: “Our belief has always been that the most important assessment comes from our satisfied clients. However, becoming Certified Google Agency Partner is very pleasing and proves that we are on the right path.” To demonstrate our knowledge our staff members had to pass Certification exams and to show that our processes meet the requirements set by Google.
Alpha Baltic made it to the list of Google Partners at the end of this August. We are excited that our work experience and the competency of our staff have been recognized.  We have become the experts of Google's online products like Analytics, Google AdWords, and Google Search. Alpha Baltic will continue to consistently look for the best solutions to provide high quality digital marketing services to our existing and new clients. What does this status mean for them? Our clients can be confident that we can solve their problems faster, easier, and in the best possible way for their businesses.
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