The Modern Russian Design

"The Modern Russian Design"  documentary from Sergei Shanovich.

Who are they — russian designers: where do they study and work, what do they create, what do they think about their profession and modern school of russian design…

Film features leading russian designers in their everyday work atmoshpere. We will get to know the most spectacular works from russian designers from last 20 years.

​Sergei Shanovich and his company SHANDESIGN that works on rebranding of the central television channels and promotions of russian movies have made a film that is devoted to last 20 years of development of design in Russia by analysing separate projects from graphical, industrial, fashion and multi-media designs. This movie is a fascinating journey in laboratories of signs including institute MGHPA named after S.G.Stroganov, "Strelka", publishing house "Afisha", ARTPLAY, Vinzavod, DIGITAL OCTODER. There are 768 creative works represented in this movie. The main heroes of the movie are Artemy Lebedev, Ilja Ruderman, Elena Kitaeva, Igor Gurovich, Leonid Feigin.
Tags & Categories:  documentary
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