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Awwwards is here and we are in!

It was truly a pleasure to receive an email from the Awwwards team with announcement that our submission of AlphaBaltic website is accepted for this years contest. After all — only noteworthy examples that do something particularly good get in. Awwwards is a place with no space for trash and we are happy to be amongst the selected best.

Now many things depend on jury and public vote that is open for 7 days (Jan 3, 10am till Jan 10, 10am) — if You happen to read this still during while the vote is open, please do not hesitate and evaluate our website in terms of design, creativity, usability and content — and VOTE! Every little bit helps. 

We will keep you updated on how we do during the contest. May be we'll be site of the day. May be we will be featured in the prominent 365 best website book. Everybody wants to win but wining is not the most important thing to us — more important is to get noticed and to deliver our unique content to even more wider and wider audiences all across the globe.

All we want is to be useful, innovative, intuitive and beautiful.

See you soon.
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