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TOP500 annual report

We are happy to announce the most recent data about turnover of largest creative, media and PR agencies in Latvia. As it was expected AlphaBaltic has confidently secured the first place amongst creative agencies with turnover of 5.21 million lats (7,41mio euro) with the neared competitor — DDB — almost half-way behind.

The second best thing is that our close partner Creative Media Services has increased its turnover by 22,82 percent and now proudly occupies second place among media agencies with turnover of 6.49 lats (9.23 mil euro).

"We are truly proud of our achievements and are ready to meet the challenges awaiting in the future. It is obvious that team assembled is performing well and will continue to do so in the future," says Lauris Špillers, CEO and general manager of AlphaBaltic.

Overall growth of media advertising market in 2012. was 3% and it reached 49,8 million lats (70,86 mil euro). In the first half of 2013. market grew for 3% reaching 25,5 millions lats (36,28 mil euro). 

Largest advertisers come from FMCG, mobile communications, medical and finance.

Data collected and published by Dienas business TOP500 annual report.
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