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It is so great to have you here. Because you are the reason for us to continue building up our impressive base of articles and video interviews. And make no mistake about it — we will continue to do all the great things we've been doing as long as you'll keep coming back and ask for more. 

And we do have a feeling that there are more and more of you every day — with  77,988 page views from 79 countries and 464 cities all over the world. Besides, those guys from Nottingham who spent almost half an hour wa:tching and re:ading — our greetings go to you too!

Keep watching the wa:tch and reading the re:ad. Inspire yourself. Find something new. Explore and explode.

What about us — we'll keep looking for greatness and talent in advertising to interview so we can keep on delivering valuable content. 

For all you out there — this is our new promotional video. You'll make us very happy if you share it.

*And finally...

...on the weekend try something un-digital.
Remember that outside the computer and internet world there is sun, wind, forest and sea!

We live in a miraculous world where we can discover, get to know and be part of something new.


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