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Bronze to Alpha Baltic at the outdoor advertising awards Reklamazaurs

The annual outdoor advertising contest Reklamazaurs organized by the Outdoor Advertising Association has closed with good news for the Alpha Baltic agency. Our campaign for the ice cream brand Pols received the bronze award in the Innovative solution category.

Our project Pols pietura (client - Food Union) continues to succeed in advertising festivals. The project envisaged a special decoration of bus stops for ice-cream Pols. The entire Pols advertising strategy was based on two directions: A childhood favourite primarily, and secondarily all associations connected with Pols, North Pole, polar bear, cold, snow and ice. Both these directions are naturally characteristic of the Pols brand that were enhanced in this outdoor campaign as well.

Pols ice cream has been enjoyed in Latvia ever since 1971, and it is one of the most powerful brands in our country. The basic objective of the communication concept was to involve people, allowing them to feel like a part of the Pols brand; therefore untraditional solutions became very significant milestones of the communication campaign. Considering our profound input, we are truly proud that our work is recognized for its innovative solution.

Outdoor Advertising Association announces the best works in the field of outdoor advertising. Reklamazaurs has a public voting portal for the best outdoor ads in different categories. Users can vote and browse all outdoor ads, while agencies are uploading their daily ad samples.

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