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Creativity happens where risk is the norm

If you look at where all the best ideas in advertising are created, it tends to be in place where taking risks is acceptable. Where budgets are small and under the radar. Where not too many people want to be involved.
Where the agency or client has nothing to lose. Where the environment or culture is forced to deal with risk on a daily basis. Creativity goes hand in hand with willingness to take risks. This is not the domain of the global advertising account. With global accounts there is a lot at stake and a lot of people are involved to ensure no mistakes are made (lowering the risk tolerance). To make matters worse, they are usually set up in the global headquarters, a rarified world distanced from market specifics but close to other global managers and, of course, senior management.

Find the best ideas in the world or create better locally

Another fact about new and innovative creative ideas is that they tend to be created with a very specific problem in mind, on a very specific band and, more often than not, with a very specific cultural reference point. With so much market-specific and cultural knowledge around the edges of an agency network, it seems foolhardy to spend a lot of time and money transferring it to the centers. Surely a better model is to use all the market-specific knowledge in market to your advantage. Encourage creativity at the edges of the network and make the center responsible for managing that process. What a wonderful call to action to a global organization or global account team!

*Every idea, no matter how small, has to be "world class" and has potential to become a global idea. If you do not believe that the global work is the best idea in the world, then it is your responsibility to create better locally.
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