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Cheese digitally!

Every year latvians celebrate midsummer festival. They sing songs, jump over bonfire, drink beer but most importantly — they eat cheese with caraway seeds. Alrerady since ancient times round and yellow cheese is considered to be the symbol of the Sun, and since midsummer means solstice it is understandable that nothing can be more important than to have a pieces of Sun i.e. cheese. 

After all — Sun is not only the source of light but it gives power to all living beings as well. So naturally — one who gets more pieces of cheese has more solar-power energy and thus can lead a winning life!

Once having understood this inventive minds of AlphaBaltic created idea of Midsummer greetings card to friends, business partners and other good people in the form of cheese that must be eaten by pressing spacebar.

The fastest spacebar clicker will have more of the cheese eaten in the time given and thus will be the winner.
Try out your ability to eat more cheese digitally! 
Oh and besides — the winner will get a box of beer from AlphaBaltic, so go on. It's worth it!

You Have to Win the Game: Click and Start

What would be a midsummer solstice celebration without songs? So we offer you not only to play the game, eat cheese and drink beer but sing along as well — enjoy the game soundtrack as a karaoke!

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