What I learned this year - Joakim Borgstrom

Elevators are not made for creative agencies.
I work in an agency with elevators. It’s something new to me and I’m still learning how to use and behave in them. Many things happen there that affect us every day. I can’t really say that I like them, but here are some observations I’ve made.

Elevators are like a game of chairs. 
It's crucial to get a good position when you get in, so you can plan your way out. You don't really want to accidentally touch anybody. Hell no! Go for one of the four corners. Best position, best coverage, best escape.

Elevators are like a TV ads. 
They can be intrusive. You only have like 30 seconds to engage and/or pay any interest to the people that are there with you. The problem is that you can’t fast forward or change channel.

Elevators don’t make ideas better.
Stairs do. It scientifically proven that good exercise makes our body work and feel better. The more our hearts pump the better blood arrives to your brain. Fresh blood produces better ideas. I have to take the stairs more.

Elevators make people ask things they don't really want to hear.
How are you? What's up? What are you doing? I quickly realized that people don't really care about how I feel or what I do. Is it an American thing? Or is it an elevator thing?

Elevators make you wait.
How many times a day do we just stay in-front of a grey door and wait. Life is too short for waiting. There should be elevators on demand. Instant elevators.

Elevators need timesheets
I’ve calculated that I spend 3,467 min inside or outside an elevator each year. That is like 50 hours. Almost a half work week. What is the time-code for elevator time?

Elevators can get you 50 million views.
We have all seen the Brazilian Elevator Ghost Prank.


Elevators need an update.
To make elevators more productive in a creative environment I think we should install:
  • USB connectors. We all need more juice.
  • Wifi. So we can keep downloading HD movies.
  • Spotiy. For those awkward moments of silence.
  • FaceTime. So we can continue our conversations.
  • A skip button. Skip a floor, skip a meeting, skip a client or two.
  • A fire button. That fires people.

Agencies don’t need elevators.


​Joakim Borgström

Creative Director / Director of Innovation

After graduating from the University of Barcelona, Joakim joined DoubleYou. He spent 10 years there as interactive creative director and partner, creating award-winning campaigns for brands as varied as Nike, Audi, Diageo, Nestlé, Diesel, Electrolux, Yahoo!, SEAT and Coca-Cola. 

Joakim joined Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam in 2006 as an interactive creative director to spearhead interactive work, creating global brand campaigns for clients such as Coca-Cola, Nike, Electronic Arts, Carlsberg, Heineken and Wódka Wyborowa. 

Collectively, he is the winner of over 140 awards in the last 15 years, including 11 Cannes Lions and one Cannes Grand Prix, 18 One Show Pencils, four CLIO Awards, eight New York Festivals Awards and 14 FIAP Awards, including one FIAP Grand Prix. Joakim has sat on the jury of more than 20 award shows around the world and is a sought-after speaker at industry conferences. 

Joakim joined Goodby Silverstein & Partners in February of 2011 as a creative director and is currently working on Doritos, Nickelodeon, Chevrolet, Google and TD Ameritrade. In his spare time he is enjoying sunny California with his newborn Emily.

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Source: "The San Francisco Egotist" [ creativity by the bay ]
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