Advertising festivals list that should be in your pocket

Honest  Fest 

You will have to prepare your works by the april 1st — and that is no joke. May be this is truly one of the most honest ad festivals in the planet or at least in Ekaterinburg.


ADCR Awards

Want to measure Yourself against guys in Russia — this is your chance. Besides, this is one of the earliest contests of the year, because all works must be submitted already before March 15. One more reason — cheap entry fee. Let your works be tested by creative directors of russian agencies!


White square

This festival takes place in Minsk — the sweet home of mr.Lukashenko and has handed out awards already for five times.


Kiev international ad fest

Although name suggests this festival takes place in Kiev, you might get lost geographically, because for two years it was held in famous city of Odessa but this year took place in Lvov. Who knows what the future brings.


Golden Hammer

Sure this is our own, home-made, 100% latvian brewed advertising festival that we love so much. What else here is to explain?



Though still young, this festival already seems interesting. Any application will cost you some 190 euros. But if you will gather more than 10 works worth of entry — discounts are negotiable.



Ok. This is no fake — if you've got some hot shit nobody ever wanted to see, this is the place! Pure festival of creativity invites you with respectful jury and impressively high level of winning works. Besides — it's Altai!


Cannes lions

Sure, everybody knows Cannes and everybody wants to go to Cannes and everybody wants to win a Grand Prix and somebody will — just like 60 others before him… after all — this is the 60th anniversary of the festival!. Cannes Lions, unfortunately, ir not highly competitive but highly expensive as well — full accreditation will cost you even up to 2,5K euro, with the cheapest entry of print or OOH for 385 euro.



There is no advertising festival in North Korea but there is one in South Korea. Since there is no entry cost they usually get a zillion of applications and therefore need time to sort them out, so deadline is 14th of july while festival takes place from 22 to 24 august.


red apple

Since 1992. it's in Moscow and has more than 5000 participants from 30 countries who manage to gather about 1500 entries. Wild.


Golden drum

Everybody knows Golden drum, what else to proclaim except it's in october. 



Kind of Cannes Lions in the EU style — every year this festival takes place in different city. Last year it was Lisbon and people who went there were satisfied, as well full accreditation is times five cheaper than in Cannes equaling just 500 euro.


National advertising festival Idea

Welcome to Novosibirsk. Are you sure you want to go to Novosibirsk? And how do you expect to get there?



​omg, you did not expect some festival to happen in Armenia? Do they actually have advertising there? But, yes, they do have advertising there and actually this festival is famous for its professionalism and especially for the beauty of the place and hospitality of armenian nation.

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