Silver award to Alpha Baltic at the creative excellence festival ADwards

The eighth creative excellence festival ADwards2013 organized by the Latvian Art Directors Club (LADC) took place in April. Four works of Alpha Baltic were included in the shortlist of the festival, one of them won the silver award and one obtained the special sympathy award.
Jury of the festival granted the silver award to project Pols pietura (customer - Food Union) created by Alpha Baltic. The project envisaged a special decoration of bus stops for ice-cream Pols. In turn, Alpha Baltic received the special sympathy award from Audi in the category of untraditional communication (buzz, guerrilla/partisan advertising) for its project Pols Aisbergs. Within the frameworks of the Pols Aisbergs ad, a polar bear on a special floating iceberg surprised people at a beach and gave them the delicious ice-cream Pols.
In total, four works of Alpha Baltic were included in the shortlist of the festival and competed for the awards: in the category of online campaigns – rebranding campaign of Pols (customer - Food Union), in the category of interactive and digital solutions – online game Līgo of Alpha Baltic, in the category of print art and design – journal of Alpha Baltic for year 2013, and in the category of ambient - Pols pietura.
ADwards is a festival in Latvia that highlights and supports works of Latvian talents. This year, a record number of works was submitted for the festival – in total, 300 works in the fields of advertising, design, and media competed for awards in nine categories.
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