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Lauris Špillers: To say Thank you

As we already know, in accordance with the data of the Latvian Advertising Association, Alpha Baltic is the leader among the top advertising agencies. Even though the year 2011 in the advertising market did not bring any significant development, the turnover of Alpha Baltic increased by 15 %, which means that we have exceeded the indicators of the pre-crisis period — the year 2008. Such results can only be reached by our ability to offer complex communication solutions to our clients in the areas of media planning, advertising, public relations and other areas, allowing them to save funds and time.

In order to constantly improve the level of the offered services, we educate our employees on a regular basis. In this matter we are assisted by our cooperation partners, who advise us on the development tendencies in the field, compare our achievements with those of our competitors, and inform us regarding the events abroad. Alpha Baltic employees attend various seminars and conferences in Latvia and in other countries, thus not only gaining specific knowledge, but also getting an opportunity to meet the industry experts from the whole world and to share the experience.

These excellent indicators are the result of our joint effort. Therefore I would like to express my gratitude. I would like to thank our clients, who appreciate our work and experience gathered during 18 years of work. I would also like to thank our cooperation partners, who perform their work with great responsibility. And finally, I would like to thank all Alpha Baltic employees, who I see working intensely on a daily basis, and who are always smiling and full of enthusiasm and passion.
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