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Alpha Baltic joins ICOM network

We are glad to announce that Alpha Baltic has officially become a member of ICOM network – world’s largest network of independent advertising and marketing communications agencies. ICOM network currently has more than 80 member agencies based in 65 countries all around the world.
Lauris Špillers, general manager of Alpha Baltic: “We are thrilled to become a member of ICOM Network. We see this membership not only as a professional development opportunity for our businesses and professional teams, but also as an opportunity for our clients. Being a part of ICOM Network will allow our clients to expand their businesses all over the world by using our global connections within the network.”
By joining ICOM, we have become a part of multinational group of agencies, whilst maintaining the leadership positions in the local market. This opportunity will provide the possibility to work with new international clients and challenging though exciting projects. This step will establish our position as strong, competitive and professional full service marketing communication agency amongst other market leaders in Europe.
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